Saturday, 14 January 2012

Email Interview with San Smith

I am extremely excited to tell you all about an email interview I had with one of my all time favourite bloggers San Smith. San is a freelance illustrator based in Atlanta, USA and I was ecstatic when she agreed to answer a few questions for my research. 

There are many things I particularly love about San's blog - of course it's fun to read and very aesthetically pleasing, but it has also taught me a few things regarding my own blog practices too. Her posts are always positive, you can tell that she writes to inspire herself and others; another aspect of her blog that I particularly like is how her personality shines through, San obviously has very clear ideas of who she is and is adept at displaying her creative ideas to the online community.
Her online presence and work is a prime example of how creative people use technologies to develop their businesses and communicate their ideas. I even think it is fair to claim that San's blog is amongst my main inspirations as to why I am exploring how creative people use online technologies in this way so it was really amazing to get her contribution.

San works as a freelance illustrator so if you are looking for cool and unique custom designs then you can contact her through her website: 


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